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Exploring our Emotions: Videos & Coloring Guides

It is so important, now more than ever, for all of us to stay connected as possible, particularly because many children do not understand what they are feeling. They may be super excited to be back in person with their friends, or may be feeling confused, excited, and even afraid. They might be confused as to why they cannot play with their friends. We have seen so many students experience anxiety which is normal any time there’s a change in a person’s life. Our students are re-learning sleep schedules, lunch schedules, learning to socialize and be with others again. Some kids had never been in an actual classroom for more than a few hours. All of this and more can cause anxiety. Children (and adults) must learn to cope with their feelings and emotions. Before they can navigate their emotions, they need to learn what they are, and pay attention to how their body reacts to these.

This week, we would like for you to focus on learning about your emotions. I have provided some coloring activities below for you to use. Don't forget to come show the counselor what you colored, =)

Grades 4-5:

Grades TK-3:

Grades 4-5:

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