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Together we're Stronger.
Join the PTA today to support your Sea Star!

It takes a village to provide our Lowell Sea Stars with incredible opportunities for learning, programs, and the chance to create lifelong friends and memories.  YOU are part of that village! Please visit the PTA Sea Star Store to join. The membership is $10 per person. 


Did you know.... Lowell PTA membership funds pay for several enrichment programs like the Learning Garden, Meet the Masters Arts Program, Fun Run, Variety Show, and others for ALL students to enjoy? These beloved activities cost over $200 per student each year. Please consider making a donation, in addition to your membership. Donors of $100 or more will earn uniform approved t-shirts for all Lowell students in your immediate family!


For more information, contact

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  1. Go to the Lowell PTA Store. 

  2. Click on My Account.

  3. Sign in or Register for an account – then “Check your email to continue the registration process.”

  4. Registration complete! You can now login – using the email you provided as your username.

  5. Click on My Family to continue setting up your account. Click on Add Family to add your children, spouse, grandparents, and any others.

  6. Return to Home page.

  7. Add Student PTA Memberships, Adult PTA Memberships, and any other items to your cart.  Make sure to select your child/children’s teachers so they will receive credit towards the rewards.

  8. View Cart when you are ready to check out.  Double check that the various PTA Memberships you have selected are “FOR” the correct members of your family.

  9. Check out – for your protection no credit card information is stored on our servers.


  1. Go to the Sea Star Store and click on 'My Account' on the right side of the bar near the top.

  2. You will be prompted to sign in - enter your login and password

  3. On the left side, click on 'Membership Cards'

  4. All of your membership purchases should appear. 

  5. Click on the printer icon to the left of each membership card you wish to print. 

  6. You may have to scale the size of the card for printing - try scaling to 50%

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