In alignment with Long Beach Council PTA, Lowell PTA is committed to fostering an enriching and supporting climate with a racial, gender, and social equity lens that allows all students, staff, and families to thrive and succeed through: 


​Make every effort to foster a PTA board and membership that are inclusive and reflective of our Lowell community


Encourage PTA activities and communications at schools that are representative and inclusive of all Lowell families


Support and advocate for activities and practices that eliminate bias, prejudice, and inequities within our school community


Encourage families to build relationships with their teachers and school leadership and share opportunities to broaden students’ exposure to various histories and cultures not currently represented in school activities.

Educate - Appreciate - Celebrate

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What is DEI and How Does It Fit in PTA?


DEI Resources at Lowell

PTA Communications 

We follow the Long Beach Council PTA DEI Guide and Calendar in our PTA communications:

Our #VoicesOfLowell series celebrates the diverse stories in our school community.






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PTA Events

We continue to advocate for more diverse representation within existing school enrichment activities, such as Reflections, Meet the Masters art program, Second Step SEL curriculum, Authors & Illustrators, Career Day, and Scholastic Book Fair.

We aim to be as inclusive as possible when planning and naming events so all families, students, and staff feel welcome.

Diverse Classroom Libraries & Activities

Stories serve as “windows and mirrors” to explore new ideas and cultures, challenge norms and stereotypes, and foster empathy and understanding. 


We support LBUSD efforts to diversify classroom libraries and curricula through the FAIR Act Book Collection, Scholastic's Rising Voices Library and Voices of LBUSD.  Additionally we promote LBCPTA's Diverse Books Lists as additional resources for school and home. We will continue to advocate for more diverse books and activities for our Lowell classrooms and library.

Learn more about The FAIR Education Act: Implementation of Fair,. Accurate, Inclusive, and. Respectful Curriculum.

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DEI Wall 

This communal space showcases information and student work related to the LBCPTA DEI Cultural Calendar dates, the schoolwide Second Step social-emotional curriculum, and enrichment programs.

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Ideas or Suggestions?  

Contact our DEI Chair: Lauren Kelly at inclusion@lowellpta.com

More PTA DEI Resources