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LBUSD Inclusive Vision

LBUSD values all students and recognizes that student diversity and uniqueness add to the fabric of our district. We create school communities that promote appreciation and acceptance of student differences where all students feel a sense of belonging. We provide purposeful and meaningful access and participation in academic and social-emotional growth opportunities. Our “All Means All” belief system means that we are better together.


The LBUSD Special Education Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is open to everyone who wants to help students with exceptional needs obtain an appropriate, high quality education. Including parents, teachers, persons with disabilities, service providers and other concerned community members.


The LBUSD Board of Education recognizes that parents from throughout our ethnically diverse population serve as an invaluable resource in the process of educating children. The Board believes that a child’s education is a responsibility shared by family and school. The Board, and LBUSD, through Parent University, is committed to providing parent involvement activities that help strengthen the home-school partnership.

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Lowell Family Support Forums provide a collaborative, supportive space for families and teachers to share experience and learn about resources and services to support your child's needs.

Local Activities for Your Child

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ACEing Autism is on a mission for children with autism to grow, develop and benefit from social connections and fitness through affordable tennis programming, uniquely serving individual needs while filling a national void for this growing and worthy population.


The mission of the AYSO VIP program is to provide a quality soccer experience for individuals whose disabilities (physical or intellectual) make it difficult for them to successfully participate on a mainstream soccer team.

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Challenger Baseball is designed for ALL children (ages 5 and up) with special needs including physical and development disabilities.

Ideas or Suggestions?  

Contact our Special Education Committee Chair: Eva Colsell at 

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