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Why do I PTA?

Meet the PTA Board
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Sara Steele

I love being on campus and interacting with the teachers, staff and students.  It brings me so much joy to have a part in our children's lives at this young age!  I PTA so I can be involved in the neighborhood and community I love.  My goal is to bring families together to advocate and celebrate our students and staff. I’m excited for a fun year at Lowell Elementary!

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Alyssa Kavner

Welcome back to school!


Kate Ambrose-Enright

I PTA because…

  • I desire to be an integral part of my children’s school experience. 

  • I believe the PTA is the avenue to influence positive change within our school community.

  • I wish to collaborate with fellow parents, teachers and administrators to ensure all students are provided dynamic learning opportunities.

  • I hope to nurture meaningful relationships with other families in the community. 


January Mallinger

I PTA because I love our Lowell community and believe we can make what is great even better. I want to create opportunities for connection that will allow our students to thrive in a fun and supportive environment. I enjoy being immersed in our school community and seeing students faces light up when they recognize me and know I’m there for them.

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Matt Glicken
Financial Secretary

I PTA to (hopefully) make positive contributions to our school and community, to set a good example for my children (my daughter questioned if I was embarrassed to be the only man!), and obviously, to improve the PTA’s DEI score (see my daughter’s comment). 

School Notebook
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Parastou Tehrani

I PTA to give back to Lowell's community, help to make positive changes, and advocate on behalf of our children.


Lauren Kelly
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

I PTA because I love helping our schools become even more inclusive, safe and inspiring for all children and families. 

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Kimberley Lynne

I PTA to build and nurture an environment where all students feel safe, respected and experience wonder in new things. PTA funded programs are essential in providing a unique school experience at Lowell, in support of families, teachers and community while always putting the kids first. 


Tara Litt
Head Room Rep

I PTA to make a positive contribution to the Lowell School community. I want to help the Lowell community continue to thrive and be an amazing place for all students and their families.  I also PTA to set a good example for my kids and because I enjoy volunteering my time!

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Jackie Taucher

I PTA to be part of this community that supports our amazing students and teachers. I enjoy volunteering my time, and want to help how I can to ensure we continue offering enriching experiences for all at Lowell.

School Notebook
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Mina Hamburg
Ways & Means

Welcome back to school!

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Thelma Chen 

Welcome back to school!


Cori Iverson

I PTA to be a part of the community where my kids go to school and contribute to what makes Lowell great. I want to give back where I can, be involved in decisions made, and help others feel a sense of belonging. It is important to me to advocate for the needs of all students and empower others to have a voice within our school community as well. I want to continue to promote the special qualities that make Lowell an amazing school for not only my kids, but future generations to come.

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Welcome back to school!


Cassie Fanton
Lowell Principal

I PTA because I believe in a sense of community where all thrive and learn from each other. All stakeholders should feel valued and they have a place where they belong. PTA helps make this possible.

School Notebook

Edina Wade
Teacher Rep

I PTA to help advocate for students, to help foster a sense of community, and to be an example to my girls.


Wendy Becker
Teacher Rep

I PTA because I believe in working together with all stakeholders to build a strong, inclusive community that advocates for students and ensures a safe environment for them to learn and grow.


Lowell's Values


Teachers, staff, students, parents, and the community work in collaborative partnership, utilizing technology, to create life-long learners who are productive and environmentally conscious global citizens.


Lowell Elementary School's mission is to ensure the personal and intellectual success of all students by having high expectations, a commitment to excellence, and a comprehensive school program, confirming the belief that all students can learn and lead responsible, satisfying lives.


  • Challenged, engaged, and respectful students

  • Safe, clean, and welcoming campus

  • Friendly, positive, and nurturing school climate


PTA Chair Directory
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