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Friday February 2, 6:00 - 8:00pm

(Check-in at 5:30pm Auditorium)

Authors and Illustrators Night gives Lowell students the opportunity to attend workshops with successful authors and illustrators in order to learn more about the process of writing and illustrating books. We have another great line-up this year of writers and illustrators eager to inspire our Lowell Sea Stars.


Students will get to hear introductions from all of the presenters during the opening panel in the Auditorium. Then we will move to the classrooms and/or designated spaces. The 50-minute workshops are tailored to students in each grade level and are limited in size so students get to interact and learn from our guests.


After the workshops, we will end the night with a small book sale and signing in the cafeteria. Hot chocolate and cookies will be provided.


You can pre-order the book(s) by JANUARY 28 if you would like to have the author or illustrator sign your book. The book(s) will be available for pickup in the cafeteria, on the night of the event.


Pre-order book(s) through the Once Upon A Time bookstore today! CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO ORDER.



**Please only sign up for ONE workshop**


Parent/guardian MUST attend event with registered child(ren) - DO NOT register parent/guardian.


WORKSHOP #1  - GRADES TK-1st with Moni Ritchie Hadley


Fold, crease, open, repeat! After a reading of Anzu and the Art of Friendship, students will create mountain and valley folds, participating in the age-old Japanese art form, transforming paper into origami cows with personality. Moooo!


WORKSHOP #2 – GRADES TK-1st with Benson Shum

Learn to draw a cute character! After a reading of Imagine You and Me, Benson will discuss the art of picture book making with students and even teach them how to draw a character from his book. Come have fun and learn how to draw like a picture book Illustrator!


WORKSHOP #3 – GRADES TK-1st with April Showers

Celebrate your inner unicorn with the April Showers of Afro Unicorn as we read aloud stories about the Magical adventures of Unicorn best friends Unique, Divine, and Magical. Learn about Acts of Kindness through coloring and activity sheets made uniquely for you!


WORKSHOP #4 – GRADES 2nd -3rd with Shiho Pate

Let’s draw cute dogs! After a reading of The Rescues, Shiho will talk about her process of making picture book characters for the book. She will then show students how to create their own cute pup!


WORKSHOP #5 – GRADES 2nd - 3rd with Joy Hwang Ruiz

Create a city of letters with your name!
Everything is better together! Let’s make a fun illustration with every little letter in your name. We will read Every Little Letter together, and create your own illustration characters using your name. 


WORKSHOP #6 - GRADES 2nd - 3rd with Monica Mancillas

All of us feel worried or scared sometimes. And sometimes those worries can feel so big, they can carry us away. But with a few simple tools, we can learn to manage those worries. Mónica will read from her new book, The Worry Balloon, a story about Isa’s first day of school and all of the big worries that come along with it. After the reading, Mónica will guide students through a few techniques for calming the nervous system. A Q & A will follow.


WORKSHOP #7 - GRADES 4th-5th with Joey Spiotto

Joey will present his process into making Graphic Novels like "Grumpy Unicorn Hit’s the Road". He will help guide students through creating a character of their own and show them how to craft a simple story framework that they can use to create adventures and make graphic novels on their own.


WORKSHOP #8 - GRADES 4th -5th with Joshua Pruett



Join New York Times bestselling co-author of THE LAST COMICS ON EARTH Joshua Pruett for a BEHIND THE SCENES look at how he helped spin off the fan favorite LAST KIDS ON EARTH series characters into their own graphic novel, how to write jokes and build your own stories!


WORKSHOP #9 - GRADES 4th -5th with Elana K. Arnold


Let’s play Two Truths and a Lie! After playing this fun icebreaker, Elana will discuss her inspiration for her Harriet Spies series and will answer questions about the art, craft, and business of writing. 

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