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Friday, January 27, 2022  6:30-8pm

Authors and Illustrators Night gives Lowell students the opportunity to attend workshops with successful authors and illustrators in order to learn more about the process of writing and illustrating books. We have another great line-up this year of writers and illustrators eager to inspire our Lowell Sea Stars!


Students will get to hear from all the presenters during the opening panel. The hour-long workshops are tailored to students in each grade level and are limited in size so students get to interact and learn from our guests. 



Parent/guardian MUST attend event with registered child(ren) - DO NOT register parent/guardian.


WORKSHOP #1  - GRADES TK-1 with Gela Kalaitzidis 


Welcome to an evening with Ozzie and Prince Zebedee and a story about friendship, forgiveness, and empathy as well as a tale about what can happen when you swallow your best friend in anger. Learn about Gela's picture book making and how she draws her dragon, after which students will do a drawing game including a pop-up/fold-out drawing exercise. We’ll end the evening with Q&A and a big dragon roar!


WORKSHOP #2 – GRADES TK-1 with Susi Schaefer

Hear a reading of Zoo Zen and then experiment with facial expressions to create your own illustration. From happy to grumpy face, to everything in between - express yourself and all your feelings!


WORKSHOP #3 – GRADES TK-1 with Rodolfo Montalvo

Students will work through the drawing process to create their own dragons with texture and shape techniques taught in the session. They will add 3-D elements to make their creations unique and in the style of Dear Dragon.


WORKSHOP #4 – GRADES 2-3 with Alexandra Adlawan


Get ready for animation academy.  Learn about Alexandra's process for illustrating one of the main characters and then create your own!

Autism Interview: Alexandra Adlawan on Becoming an Author and Family Support


WORKSHOP #5 – GRADES 2-3 with  Cyndi Wojciechowski

Inspiration is all around us - climbing trees, building forts and mountain tunnels out of sand, collecting leaves, twigs, and seashells, splash in puddles, and crunch the fallen leaves on the ground. What we feel, observe, and experience can influence what we want to draw. Learn how to draw a housebound pig named Vincent, who discovers a beautiful world in a sunflower field. Each student will use their own experiences to add in their own flair.




WORKSHOP #7 - GRADES 4-5 with Angela Joy

Boring Biographies No More! Gone are the days of dry, stodgy, non-fiction that students struggle to complete.  Now, more than ever, informational texts are written to entice, engage, and entertain young readers.  In this workshop, Angela Joy will give students the opportunity to bring their favorite non-fiction subject to life.  While breaking some of the classic rules of writing (with apology to educators), students will sculpt a text that is, not only factual, but imaginative, poetic, and fun. Come ready with your own non-fiction topic in mind - something you are already passionate about!


WORKSHOP #8 - GRADES 4-5 with Shiho Pate

Learn about scholastic's animated science series through interactive activities. See how illustrators collaborate with authors to add their own voice in nonfiction books. With 3 simple drawing exercises, Shiho will show students how to turn rocks and minerals into their own personal characters!


WORKSHOP #9 - GRADES 4-5 with Jon St. Amant


Do you want to create your own fun and interesting characters for comics and stories? Mr. St. Amant’s Wizard World activity will help ignite the creative spark.Using a variety of techniques and prompts, you will create an interesting wizard and apprentice. Then, you will come up with your wizard’s magical abilities, and even their house and surrounding community. From there, the possibilities are endless!

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