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¡Disfrute de la Celebración Reflections 2020-2021 y de nuestros maravillosos artistas de la Primaria Lowell!

* Si lo ve en un dispositivo móvil, haga clic en el PDF para desplazarse por la presentación


  • Primary Division (Pre-K to Grade 2)

    • Kayana Soto - Award of Excellence

    • Soha Hussaini - Award of Merit

    • Luke Lynne - Honorable Mention​

    • Anna Golliher - Participation

    • Elle Burlon - Participation

  • Intermediate Division (Grades 3-5)

    • Sophia Eing - Award of Excellence

    • Valeria Vargas - Award of Merit

    • Lilah Toy - Honorable Mention​​

    • Cecilia Moreno - Participation


  • Intermediate Division (Grades 3-5)

    • Dario Tanavoli - Award of Excellence


  • Intermediate Division (Grades 3-5)

    • Lulu Fretwell - Award of Excellence


  • Primary Division (Pre-K to Grade 2)

    • Alia Cramer - Award of Excellence

  • Intermediate Division (Grades 3-5)

    • Violet Fretwell - Award of Excellence


  • Intermediate Division (Grades 3-5)

    • Matilda Watkins - Award of Excellence


  • Intermediate Division (Grades 3-5)

    • Dario Tanavoli - Award of Excellence


Contest has 6 categories:

  • Dance Choreography

  • Film Production

  • Literature

  • Music Composition

  • Photography

  • Visual Arts

Lowell participates in 3 divisions: 

  • Primary (TK-2nd)

  • Intermediate (3rd-5th)

  • Special Artist for students with disabilities

Students can submit multiple entries in multiple categories. See previous winners by clicking HERE

Deadline extended to November 4th (online preferred, or can turn in to the Reflections box in the main building foyer)

Winners in each division and category advance to the next level (district, regional, state, then national!)

Celebration date/time for all of our artists TBD. 

Submit your entry form by clicking below:





What is the Artist's Statement? In 10 to 100 words, describe your work and how it relates to the theme - "I am Hopeful Because...") - DECLARACIÓN DEL ARTISTA (En 10 a 100 palabras, describe tu trabajo y cómo este se relaciona con el tema)

Can students submit in more than one category? YES. Students can submit all 6 categories if they'd like.

For dance choreography, what is the time limit? Your dance video must not exceed 5 minutes in length and 1 GB in file size. We ask that you submit a video of your dance choreography (showcasing either you or other dancers who learned your choreography) by uploading an AVI, MOV or MP4 file to the online submission form. - Coreografía de Baile - Sube un archivo AVI, MOV o MP4. El video no debe exceder los 5 minutos de duración y 1 GB de tamaño de archivo.

How many entries can advance to the next level? We will grant one award of excellence for each category in each division.

Can music composition include performance as well? Yes. It does include a performance of the composition. The performance doesn't need to be the student who composes the submission. It may be performed by someone else or electronically. Please note that composition means original songwriting, not singing a popular song like karaoke. For submitting your song, we ask that you upload an MP3 or WAV file with your online submission form. Audio recordings must not exceed 5 minutes in length and 1 GB in file size. - Composición Musical - Sube un archivo MP3 o WAV. La grabación de audio no debe exceder los 5 minutos de duración y 1 GB de tamaño de archivo.

For film production, do you also accept computer animation film (made by apps like procreate and iMovie)? Yes! We don't have official guidance on whether generative AI will be accepted, but we encourage artists to generate their OWN art without the assistance of AI tools.

For literature, is there a word limit? YES - 2,000 words. Can I submit it in person or does it need to be uploaded online? You have the option to either upload it to your online submission form or turn it into the office.

Can I upload digital versions of my photography or visual art entry OR do you need a physical copy? Photographs can be uploaded electronically with the submission form. For Visual Arts entries, we ask that you upload a photo of your artwork. For 3D artwork (sculptures, etc..), we ask you to upload 3 photos of the entry (a combination of angles). - Artes Visuales - Sube una foto de la obra de arte. Para obras de arte en 3D, cargue 3 fotos de la entrada (una combinación de ángulos).

Is there a size limit for visual art? Visual arts- dimensions must not exceed 24x30 inches, including matting. If submitting a Photography print, print must be mounted and must not exceed 11x14 inches, including matting.

For Visual Art can students use any graphic art computer program? Yes. As long as the student creates the artwork using the computer program. It is a tool, just like crayons!


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