Welcome to Lowell!

In case you missed our virtual new family orientations, we compiled what was covered in the orientation to assist you with getting started at Lowell. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the PTA and we will find you an answer or point you in the right direction: https://www.lowellpta.com/contact 


Our orientation began with Principal Lawson, who prefers to be called Dow (his first name) or Mr. Lawson, sharing his leadership philosophy and accessibility to all parents. We are truly lucky to have Mr. Lawson as our principal and he is not exaggerating when he says “call me.” Mr. Lawson has the utmost pride in our school and strives to be an advocate and support for all. Don’t hesitate to reach out and introduce yourself whenever you need support and can’t find an answer.


For TK and Kinder students:

  • Meet your Teacher this coming Monday, August 31st. Details to follow from your teacher.

  • We need your permission to send you PTA related communications. Please opt in by emailing our head room rep, Anne (pronounced Annie) Vilchuck at roomrep@lowellpta.com.

  • You may be wondering about uniforms, and we don’t yet know what the policy will be for the start of the school year. We anticipate children will be asked to abstain from wearing pajamas and eating during online instruction. In a typical year, the PTA sells uniform-approved Lowell logo wear (shirts, sweatshirts, hats) that kids can wear to school in lieu of the white shirt, navy bottoms uniform. Logo wear will be available for purchase at our Sea Star store soon! Look for a link on our PTA website.


Chromebook and Classroom Supplies pickup schedule: 

  • Grades 4/5 pick up supplies Wednesday, September 2nd on Monrovia from 1-3pm

  • Grades 2/3 pick up supplies Thursday, September 3rd on Monrovia from 1-3pm

  • TK/Kinder Late Stars pick up supplies Friday, September 4th 9-10am

  • TK/Kinder Early Stars AND 1st Grade pick up supplies Friday, September 4th 1-3pm

  • Wondering how to log into your lbschools.net account on your Chromebook? Your login ID and password will be provided by the district. 

  • Need a hotspot? Email Jackie Scarborough or Mr. Lawson with a request. You can find school admin contact info here: https://lowell-lbusd-ca.schoolloop.com/adminsupport 


Teacher Assignments will be visible in ParentVue on Friday, August 28th at 5pm. Log in to ParentVue and follow these steps to find out your teacher assignment: https://www.lowellpta.com/post/look-up-your-teacher-assignment-at-5pm

Other items: 


  • The Lowell PTA will be adding information to our website’s Distance Learning Support page as we learn more from our teachers and LBUSD in the next month. You can find a few resources now: https://www.lowellpta.com/distance-learning-support Students will be using the Canvas LMS (learning management system) which offers a robust communication tool. The first few weeks of school will be focused on acclimating students to using this interface. 



  • In a typical year, Lowell has a wide selection of before and after school programs for our students. With everything from Chess Club to skateboarding lessons to video production, we are hopeful we will be able to promote these programs again. Stay tuned for updates and please do not hesitate to make suggestions for programs you would like to see offered!


  • Aarti Harper is our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) committee chair, spearheading a districtwide mission to promote an enriching and supporting climate with a racial, gender and social equity lens that allows all members of the LBUSD community to thrive and succeed. The PTA, at its core, is an advocacy program whose work is motivated by the mission of “every child, one voice.” We want our volunteers and programs to reflect the diversity of our student body, as well as to ensure equity for all students. If you think “the PTA is not for me,” please know that the PTA is for everyone and we want to support you in finding an opportunity for you to support our school. 


  • PTA delegates at the meeting included: Amber Emigh, PTA president; Liz Barnett, Before/After School Program chair; Nina Mehigan, Ways/Means PTA chair; Aarti Harper, DEI Chair; Jennifer Watkins, co-Communications Chair


  • This coming Monday, August 31st, we will be having a Back to School Car Parade down Monrovia from Appian Way to Broadway, 10:30-11:30am. You can RSVP for a Reminder here: https://www.lowellpta.com/event-details/back-to-school-car-parade We are asking that you stay in your car as well as post something safely adhered on the car (passenger side) that states what teacher and grade you have for the year as well as the student’s name. This will ensure that the teacher will be able to give his/her student a special hello. Need to print a First Day of School sign for your Sea Star? You can print one out here. Click on the grade you need below.
    TK  Kindergarten  First Second Third Fourth Fifth
    A big thanks to Gaea Ray for creating these!
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We are excited to have new families at Lowell, and we look forward to sharing our wonderful staff and campus with you in the coming years!

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