The 2021-22 PTA calendar may not feature as many events as previous years due to the pandemic, but we still have opportunities to volunteer and support. 

Dear Lowell Families:


Classroom Volunteers Wanted!

Becoming a Room Rep is a fun and very important way to be involved in your child’s classroom. While Room Reps act as a "room parent" and facilitate communication between teachers and parents, our teachers need volunteers for many other activities throughout the year.


IMPORTANT: Volunteers who work directly with students on campus or via Zoom must have active VIP status. This should not deter you from signing up! Right now, no parents are allowed in the building so you will have plenty of time if you are not already a VIP through the district.


New to Lowell? Download a VIP application here: Please note, some room rep positions will begin right away, while others are pending CDC guidelines due to Government and District requirements for in person events, however, we encourage you to sign up so that if/when things change, we will already have volunteer positions in place to support your classroom teacher.


At the bottom of the page, you will find the descriptions for each classroom volunteer position. Positions with an asterisk are dependent on CDC guidelines for in person school/organized group setting regulations. 

Here are the links to sign up for a classroom volunteer position for each classroom. If you have multiple students in other classrooms, remember to sign up using their direct link, as each teacher has their own form. You can scroll to the bottom of this page to read the descriptions for each position.



Ward TK 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers



Serrano Kdg 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers

Faris Kdg 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers

Collins Kdg 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers

Reeder/Crecelius Kdg 2021/22 Classroom Volunteers


1st Grade

Kacoullas 1st 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers

Hughes 1st 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers

Garrison/Watkins 1st 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers

River/Schmitz 1st 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers


2nd Grade

Nyquist 2nd 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers

Williams 2nd 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers

Brunner 2nd 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers


2nd/3rd Grade

Montes 2nd/3rd 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers


3rd Grade

Osorio 3rd 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers

Romero 3rd 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers

Rigdon 3rd 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers


4th Grade

Wade 4th 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers

Kaiser 4th 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers


4th/5th Grade

Wilson 4th/5th 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers

Hildreth 4th/5th 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers


5th Grade

Becker 5th 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers

Sipowicz 5th 2021/2022 Classroom Volunteers


Lead Classroom Room Rep: Serves as the key classroom parent/teacher liaison who helps make sure classroom activities have volunteers, parents know about upcoming activities, and that classes have rosters. Timing: ongoing throughout the school year. 

Room Finance: Helps to set and collect the classroom budget and handles money/provides reimbursement from class funds for classroom expenses. Timing: ongoing. 

Special Education Support: Provides volunteer support as needed in Special Day Classes and activities. Timing: approximately one hour per month. 

Class Historian: With teacher and parent permission, photographs classroom events and helps to distribute photos to the class at the end of the year. Timing: ongoing. 

● *Garden Lesson VIPS Coordinator: Coordinates the classroom Garden Lesson VIPS schedule, working with the teacher and other parents. Timing: ongoing throughout the school year. 

*Pizza/Movie Nights: Helps set up, serve and/or clean up on the two Lowell Pizza Nights, or solicits classroom volunteers to do so. Timing: The dates are TBD in Fall and Spring. 

Jog-a-Thon: Creates class spirit banner displayed around the Jog-a-Thon track on campus, and volunteers and encourages parents to volunteer for Jog-a-Thon. Timing: Jog-a-Thon is in November. Please note, this position may be re-titled if a fundraising alternative is needed due to social distancing requirements.

Book Fair (needs two reps): Coordinates parent volunteer sign-ups for the twice yearly Lowell Book Fairs and volunteers as possible. Timing: Book Fairs are typically December and March. 

Holiday Party: Coordinates a classroom holiday party, working with the teacher and other parents. Timing: Holiday parties are the in December. 

*Spring Auction: Helps set up and work a shift at the annual Lowell Spring Auction and/or solicits classroom parents to do so, and encourages parents to attend the Spring Auction. Timing: Spring Auction is TBD in March. 

Spring Auction Basket: Creates a “basket” of items as the classroom’s contribution to the Spring Auction, selects a “theme” for basket items, and solicits donations of items or purchases them with classroom funds. Timing: Spring Auction is TBD in March. 

*Science Fair: Helps during school hours to help set up or take down the Science Fair exhibits, or to monitor classroom visits. Timing: Science Fair is TBD in March.

*Summer Camp Fair: Helps with set up and take down of the annual Lowell Summer Camp Fair. Timing: Summer Camp Fair is in March. 

Earth Day: Volunteers and/or solicits parent volunteers to set up, clean up and participate in the Lowell Earth Day celebrations. Timing: After school in April.. 

Carnival Booth: Manages the classroom volunteers for the annual Lowell carnival and encourages parents to sign up for a booth shift. Timing: Carnival is in May.

Carnival Basket: Creates a “basket” of items as the classroom’s contribution to the Carnival’s silent auction, selects a “theme” for basket items, and solicits donations of items or purchases them with classroom funds. Timing: Carnival is in May. 

● Teacher Appreciation Week: Coordinates Teacher Appreciation Week activities, such as gifts, thank you notes and meals for the teacher. Timing: 1st week of June.

End of Year Party: Coordinates the classroom End of Year party, working with the teacher and other parents. Timing: End of Year Parties are in June. Please consider taking on a role this year, or sign up with a friend to share a position! 


Annie Vilchuck, Head Room Rep.,